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Our Services

Touch Up and Hot Knifing
This is the repair of visible damage to the wood surface such as  gouges, scratches, scuffs including worn and broken edges. We use the burn in method that creates a hard fill and then a custom color is made that matches the effected area at which point the area is sealed and top coated.


Cleaning and Oiling
The cleaning process is the removal of all foreign matter, oil, dirt, grime, hand prints and anything brought in from  outside air through your HVAC system bringing your woodwork and furniture back to its original state and appearance.
Oiling is also performed on worn, dried out and dull finishes to bring life and luster back to the original finish and further protecting it.


Complete Refinishing
This process is reserved for furniture and woodwork that is beyond on site repair. The items are brought to our shop and stripped down to raw wood, repaired and finished to match an approved sample. This brings the piece back to it's original like new condition.

Adjustments and Replacement of Hardware
This includes doors, drawers, locks, door closers etc.

Historical Restorations

Paul Pearce has been in the custom millwork and furniture business for over 33 years and has worked with some of the largest companies in Chicago and the suburbs. Along with his talented crew of union journeymen technicians they have a combined experience of well over 100 years.

Through our custom maintenance programs our customers depend on us to keep their space looking like new which in turn impresses their clients and protects their millwork and furniture investment. We work with many facility managers, building managers, and administrators solving their problems quickly while always maintaining the highest level of quality and professionalism.

No job is to big or to small.

Please contact me for a free assessment of your millwork and furniture.


Who we serve:

Law Firms

Consulting Firms

Capital Management Firms

Corporate Headquarters

Building Owners and Managers

Facility Managers


All of our on-site services are performed after hours.